Marketing to the Multicultural community is no longer a luxury...it's a necessity. With the Hispanic buying power looking to increase from $1 trillion in 2010 to $1.5 trillion in 2015, and the African American buying power growing to $1.2 trillion by 2014, the importance of this expanding market is clear. LIONHEART Digital assists our advertising partners with our advanced tools, passionate team and robust technology to help them reach the heart and soul of the multicultural market.

LIONHEART Digital provides access to the largest U.S. Hispanic and African American Newspaper Publisher Groups. By utilizing our ad-serving platform, and leveraging our relationships with top publishers, we are your one-stop shop for all your Hispanic and/or African American digital marketing efforts. By offering digital best practices, national sales reach and a turnkey ad placement engine, LIONHEART Digital is your multicultural marketing solution.


Our enthusiastic team of knowledgeable and technology savvy consultants offer customized digital solutions based on the needs of the agency and their clients. LIONHEART Digital provides access to the largest U.S. Hispanic and African American Newspaper Publisher Group, a highly qualified audience and state-of-the-art advertising products and programs.

If you are an agency interested in a turnkey solution to expand your digital capabilities, LIONHEART Digital will customize a package based on your budget that includes ad serving, monitoring, and reporting. With our package solutions, you will have the right tools to immediately start servicing your client's digital needs.


  • High Quality Premium Publisher Brands
  • Robust, Qualified Hispanic & African American Audience
  • Premium Spanish Language Content
  • Large National Footprint with Hyper Local Targeting
  • One Point of Contact for Agencies
  • Full Array of High Impact IAB Standard Advertising
  • Turnkey Multiplatform Distribution


LIONHEART Digital is hyper- local, targeted and cross-platform. We offer best-in-class data research and targeting. We also focus on emerging technologies that will help you reach your intended market and experience positive ROI and successful campaigns.